January 28, 2008

Quote of the Night

"Others have said they would personally be happy to pay higher taxes. I welcome their enthusiasm, and I am pleased to report that the IRS accepts both checks and money orders."

-- George W. Bush, SOTU

President Bush Posted by Harrison Bergeron at January 28, 2008 10:10 PM

Good to hear the President is finally using my material.

I drop that bomb on the "tax cuts for the rich" douchers.

Posted by: AlexC at January 28, 2008 10:42 PM

Looks like I snagged your instalaunche! Thanks.....

Posted by: Terri at January 28, 2008 10:57 PM

Maybe I am completely in the bag for this guy, but I thought the speech was very good. I didn't hear any kind words from the TV pundits, but I felt that he put up a credible defense of the tax cuts and the War on Terror. Jay Nordlinger is right -- we will miss this guy.

I'm sure it was lameduckness and not religion, but it was good to hear fewer initiatives.

Posted by: jk at January 29, 2008 11:04 AM | What do you think? [3]