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April 16, 2014

Quote of the Day

"We have this congenital disease, which is in midterm elections we don't vote at the same rates," President Obama said at a Houston fundraiser the other day. He means that the Obama Democrats are now what they call the "coalition of the ascendant," made up of minorities, young people, single women and affluent, college-educated cultural liberals. The problem is that this year they may be a coalition of the disappointed, so Democrats are trying to scare them to the polls with pseudo-controversies. -- WSJ Ed Page

April 15, 2014

Quote of the Day

The comparison is especially apt because Illinois Democrats are doubling down on their strategy in this election year. Governor Pat Quinn has announced plans to make permanent the "temporary" tax hikes that were supposed to sunset at the end of this year. -- WSJ Ed Page What's the Matter with Illinois?
I just don't understand. It was a temporary tax hike. Now they want to make it permanent? Man, if only somebody might've seen that coming...

In Case Y'all Don't Have Facebook Friends:

Be a part of it! Spread the Word! #globalloveday

But johngalt thinks:

Yeah, that's why we call each other names, cuz "we are one."

Posted by: johngalt at April 15, 2014 3:12 PM

April 13, 2014

And we're back!

What the ????

Our server has been moved and the (normally superb) hosting company did not install our database driver.

So posters cannot post, commenters cannot comment -- though fish can still swim and birds, apparently still fly.

A ticket is in and it should be fixed soon.

I thought everybody just quit after my Sen. Harry Reid Limerick...

And, if you're Jonesing for reading matter, Download Glenn Reynolds's The Second Amendment as Ordinary Constitutional Law.

UPDATE: And we're back -- thanks to lunarpages.com. Very good hosting.

Posted by John Kranz at 4:36 PM | What do you think? [1 comments]
But johngalt thinks:

I very much enjoyed the limerick. Alas, we have no "Like" button.

Posted by: johngalt at April 13, 2014 10:54 PM

April 10, 2014

Thank you Senator!

Senator Harry Reid (Hypocrite-NV) vigorously defended federal funding for a Cowboy Poetry Festival in his state 3 years ago, slamming Republicans who sought to cut it from the federal budget as "mean spirited."

He might feel that move has come back to haunt him, as the manager of a ranch under siege by the Obama Administration's Bureau of Land Management for letting cattle eat desert grass, as the family has done since about 1870, seems to have benefited from the event.

"They're trying to take our stewardships,

And run us off the land that we love best.

But I think they'll find the hard way,

that we're still willing to fight for this here west.

I hope them fellers soon hump their holes

or some of us will lose our souls,

'cause killin' it ain't right

but don't expect to take this land without a fight.

The fire is ragin' once again in the western man's eyes,

and these eastern folks are gettin' thicker than flies.

We're tyin' our ropes into twelve-coil knots,

our guns are loaded and our hammers are cocked.

So you'd better help us find a solution

or pull your hats down tight and get ready for the western revolution.

-Derrel Spencer, Ranch Manager

I wonder who he would say is more "mean spirited" - Republican legislators or armed BLM agents engaged in cattle rustling?

But jk thinks:

A mendacious old codger from Searchlight,
Thought your tax dollars his birthright,
Koch brothers he fought,
While liberty's sons sought,
His majority's eventual twilight.

Posted by: jk at April 10, 2014 8:08 PM

Climate Scientists "on Strike?"

If only! In 'What if a climate scientist fell in the forest" Eric Golub writes,
Very rarely does somebody inadvertently do such a spectacular job of making the opposing side’s case. Thomas Piketty did it day before yesterday, and Bill McKibben did it, well, last month.

"So at this point it's absurd to keep asking the scientific community to churn out more reports. In fact, it might almost be more useful if they went on strike: until you pay attention to what we've already told you, we won’t be telling you more."
This guy thinks we are children, afraid to live without mommy and daddy (or mommy1 and mommy2) here to watch over us. Go ahead, climate scientists, "go Galt." We'll manage.

These more frequent illustrations of the nannyists disconnection from reality are some of the things that make me more optimistic that humanity is not doomed to return to pre-history.

April 9, 2014




Baseball gloves? Wow.

Posted by John Kranz at 7:55 PM | What do you think? [0 comments]

Gladius! (Limited Engagement)

I want to share with all ThreeSourcers, friends and family, and anyone in the Denver area a great opportunity to see a Vegas quality live performance of acrobats, equestrians and clowns complete with lights, music and even a fire act. It is called "Gladius the Show" and one of the co-creators is a friend of ours, Erik Martonovich, a long-time fellow vaulter who grew up in Golden.

We opted for the "VIP" tickets, which gave us access to meet and talk with the performers after the show. My favorite parts were the gymnast who wound himself up and down on nylon straps with amazing grace, strength and flexibility, the combination of Roman riding and hanging from the ceiling, the high-speed CHARIOT RACE, and the four-horse Roman riding/vaulting finale.

It was truly impressive and well worth the modest ticket price (although I think I can post a 10% discount ordering code here later, to make it even more affordable.)

Shows continue daily at Jefferson County Fairgrounds Westernaires Arena, but only through April 20th. The time and money they have invested to create this impressive show have really paid off and I'm happy to endorse and promote them as much as I possibly can. Tell your friends!

Press clippings:

Denver Post


But jk thinks:

Saw your tweet on this; it sounded cool. Thanks for posting pictures (although, if you had the Lumina 1020...)

Posted by: jk at April 10, 2014 9:58 AM
But johngalt thinks:

Yeah yeah.

Dagny asked me to make it more prominent than the tweet. So I did, of course.

Posted by: johngalt at April 10, 2014 2:23 PM

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