October 20, 2006

Election Finances

Kos does the research on the various election committee finances and posts the results.

Raised: $13MRaised: $5.6M
CoH: $26MCoH: $8.2M
Raised: $5.1MRaised: $13.6M
CoH: $12MCoH: $23M
Raised: $12MRaised: $14.4M
CoH: $40MCoH: $36M

Without any sense of introspection (or perhaps a mirror), here's the "analysis."

    Schumer and Rahm may be overbearing asses, but man are they bringing in the dough. Compare that to Liddy Dole's pathetic NRSC. Man, we lucked out on that front. It doesn't look like they could've chosen a worse leader.
It is true that Schumer has outraised Liddy Dole two to one. But Ken Mehlman has outraised "the pride of the netroots" Howard Dean three to one. I suppose that's worse than pathetic.

As it looks, It's possible to choose a worse leader. It's just that the Democrats did it.

And of course the Republicans are up $11 million on the totals.

Politics Posted by AlexC at October 20, 2006 7:51 PM