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I don't get it. If breakfast is "the most important meal of the day," then why is it all these parents hate their children so much that they send 'em off to school without giving them one? That IS what parents are for, right?

And for all the mooching whiners who think that the public ought to be paying to provide breakfast to the children of deadbeat parents who won't feed their own flesh and blood: then drag your checkbook down to the nearest middle school, and write them a check. There's not a law on Earth preventing you from giving freely to the school of your choice.

Note to the parents of Alhambra: packing your brood off to school with a soda and a side order of Twinkies is not a nutritionally balanced breakfast, and I'm tired of picking up their leavings off my front lawn.

Posted by Keith Arnold at January 22, 2011 5:37 PM

Actually, the idea of private donations was a third wing that opened up in the FB comments. I was thinking of donating and thinking about creating a web site where others could donate.

On the plus side, I love the Toquevillian solution to the problem and the demonstration that private charity really is an alternative to the gub'mint teat. But I don't know about the moral hazard.

I don't know how people in Colorado end up with kids that they cannot afford 30¢ to feed. No doubt that a few are sympathetic cases. A workmate of my wife's had her husband leave the country with another woman and all their money. She used public assistance temporarily to raise her three boys and get a two-year degree. Then she supported herself. If I believed 25% of the cases were like that...

What bugs me is the fungible nature of money. I don't want to buy breakfast so mom can afford another pack of smokes or dad another 40. Yet I don’t want to see a kid actually go hungry when six bucks a month could fix it.

Oh, ThreeSources Conscience – what should I do?

Posted by jk at January 23, 2011 11:02 AM

And if I say kids won't go hungry in America even without their taxpayer breakfast I'm called a "Bass Ackward" Republican.

Church sponsored charity kitchens make it a point to never pass judgment on the souls who receive their charity. But when people go there for a meal they are conscious of the fact that they are accepting charity. Alternately, when your food stamps or state food debit card arrive in the mail it doesn't take long before the recipient considers it his "right" to receive it from "the man."

That's where we are with taxpayer breakfast - every kid has a "right" to a hot breakfast, even if his parents don't have time to prepare it.

Posted by johngalt at January 23, 2011 11:16 AM
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