Comments: Why Pass an Unpopular Healtrh Care Bill?

You have no idea how humiliating I find it, every time I am reminded that I received my degree there. The school that gave the world The Naked Guy, People's Park, protesters with room-temperature IQs living in trees, and where Code Pink feels comfortable denigrating the uniformed Americans who secured their freedom to put their stupidity on public display...

Gaaaaah. And yet, I wrily sympathize with the protestors in one regard: clearly, they (or more accurately, their parents and the taxpaying public) are paying more for their education than it is accurately worth. The ultimate rebuttal to these pinheads would be for the chancellor to meet them in public, checkbook in hand, and say "you're right; if we have any part in making you this stupid, we're failing as educators, and we clearly owe you a rebate..."

Posted by Keith Arnold at March 4, 2010 2:13 PM

But you gave us UNIX (and, as the old joke goes LSD -- and they're not entirely unrelated) so all is forgiven.

Many many reasons to be angry but the earnest young lady interviewed doesn't care about any of that -- it's the fee increases that are riot-worthy.

Posted by jk at March 4, 2010 3:41 PM
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