Comments: Brian, MaryKay and Riza

It's really Riza. Dublin is nice. Lots of rain. I was out in a rain storm waiting to catch the bus. We did lots of public transport. We went to the city center twice. The first time we ending up in the North part of town. Think The Comittments. We walked down Grafton street. It's like the downtown mall only people are speaking with an Irish accent.

The older people here are very friendly. I love them.

Yesterday we toured the city center on top of a get on get off tour bus. I loved the driver/tour guide. He sang Irish songs. I made his day. Being the ugly American that I am, I had to tip him. He called me dear.

I went to the craft section of town. They didn't sell craft supplies but they sold the most beautiful hand made items.

I went with a two year old. We said hello to everyone (I mean everyone) and we got pissed and gave them a raspberry if they didn't say hello back. Did I mention the two year old. We almost slimed two young women with yoghurt. That will teach them not to say hello to a two year old.

Live in the now. We're waiting for a cab to take us to the K club. A fancy golf place/ five star kind of place.

The only down fall. Riza had three glasses of wine last night. I didn't expect to see jk until morning and I figured that the Crazy Riza needed a visit so it was female bonding and african wine drinking!!!

Love, Riza (Sober and everything)

Posted by jk at April 8, 2004 8:11 AM

It's looks like you are all having a great time! Wow! Anyway, just talke to Tabitha and wondered if you could bring home some PB Tips for our tea party/baby shower on the 18th! Need real tea for a tea party! Wish I was there with you, so I'll just enjoy the pictures and the wonderful, delightful comments. Love ya, Rika

Posted by Rika at April 8, 2004 10:46 AM

Hello!! P. G. Tips is on the way and I have connections for more supplies. We bring Mike, Atkin's food and he brings tea to Colorado.

Take care, Riza

Posted by jk at April 9, 2004 8:01 AM