Comments: Obama is not a libertarian

Bending over to circus-freakish levels to be fair, this is exactly what prompted me to call myself a Prosperitarian.

Dagny referred to the Patriot Act (booo, hiss!) last week and one must concede that a Democratic president would be more diligent in protecting your right to borrow books from the government anonymously.

There is a seed crystal of liberty in there but I am happy to trade that for more effective rule of law. Keep the NYSE open and you can eavesdrop on my calls to foreigners, providing any evidence is not admissible in a domestic trial.

Libertarians pull their hair out when they hear that (though all the ones I know are bald) and inevitably start quoting Mr. Franklin. I have yet to be shown one thing in the vile Patriot Act that I cannot stomach, yet my Democrat friends (with very good hair) always tell me that they are the true friends of liberty because they will close Gitmo, repeal the patriot act -- oh, and double my taxes.

Posted by jk at February 19, 2008 1:43 PM