Comments: Swindled?

Following a link on I found an essay on this story that quotes Durkin himself:

‘Shock, horror’, he says. ‘Exposing that a journalist has a Marxist background is like exposing that he wears trousers.’

He goes on later ...

Durkin laughs about the fact that many environmentalists fancy themselves as leftists, yet ‘they are always exposing me…as a leftist!’

O'Neill ends with this prescient observation - "If we want a proper debate about these issues, we need an open and rigorous public life, rather than sneaky accusations of secret conspiracies and demands for censure."

Posted by johngalt at March 13, 2007 3:07 PM

Yeah, I read about him on Samizdata and meant to add an UPDATE: link. It seemed difficult to think of a Marxist producing that as well.

I'll concede that he -- and my buddy with the Mine Your Own Business doc -- cherry pick pretty badly. That's the "art form." Michael Moore and the 60 Minutes crew brought it to us (or perhaps DW Griffith) and it borders on the dishonest (one hopes they don't add completely fabricated things like Moore).

We should be wary of embracing this when it suits our needs. At the same time, as the other side has COMPLETEY SHUT DOWN ALL DEBATE, I think any way to continue debate is justified.

Posted by jk at March 13, 2007 3:41 PM