Comments: Tatting Shuttles

I am a needle tatter. I want to learn cro-tatting but I am nervous that it won't be as perfect as needle tatting. The photo's I've seen seem like the crochet stitches are looser. How long did it take you to learn cro-tatting and how did it expand your ability to create? Sorry about so many questions but I am the only person I know who needle tats. I tried to teach a friend but she had twins and couldn't take the remaining lessons from me. The way I began was making edgings for hand towels, which worked out very nicely. They are a big hit with everyone. I am now designing my own needle tatted snowflakes, doilies, small bridal bags and other projects. That is fun and freeing after following patterns for over 2 years. How long have you been tatting? Did you know how to crochet before you learned to cro-tat? Thanks for taking time with me.

Posted by Debbie Passinger at December 28, 2003 9:03 PM