Comments: The Home Stretch

Howdy from the West.....
Hey we love reading of your adventures and looking at the pics. Thanks.
We had a terrific 4th of July. Started the morning out with a bagel and coffee at our new favorite place, the Urban Harvest. Then we came home and had to mow the lawn because that night was our watering night. Then we went to Four Mile Museum and experienced a Fourth of July as it would be in the 1800's....Riza, we saw a tatting person there, as well as a couple of weavers on a loom. We also got to hear Abe Lincoln (I swear it WAS him) give the Gettysburg Address. And the Concert Band played Glory Hallelujah and Stars and Stripes and it was grand grand grand. I just had to do something patriotic on this day because the afternoon was being spent at a wedding. Corbin (the wallpaper guy, now a real estate guy) was getting married up in the mountains. At first we whined about having to give up our "Fourth" for a wedding, but it actually was really really nice. It was quite far into the hills. We drove as far as we could and then were transported up the hill some more. Then we walked a ways to a little glade in the woods.It was just darling. This is where the ceremony took place. The bridesmaids wore deep blue dresses (nice looking ones) and they carried red and white flowers. The flower girl had a red, white and blue basket and it really was pretty lovely. Then the reception was up the way about 150 yards at some peoples' cabin. It was just gorgeous. And the view is totally beyond description. The food was seafood.....salmon, shrimp and oysters for appetizers.....lobster and clams for the main dish. It was fun.
Anyway....looking forward to your anniversary party.
Take care,

Posted by Sis at July 7, 2003 9:18 PM

Sounds like fun. Happy Birthday to Bob and I look forward to seeing y'all on my return.

Posted by jk at July 8, 2003 1:41 AM