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I'll be voting for Doug Robinson in the primary. Then, when he loses by 40 points, I'll suck it up and vote for Stapleton in the General.


Posted by jk at June 19, 2018 9:44 AM

This is based mostly on the Channel-12 debate, which is still available on the PBS app.

Mitchell really rubbed me the wrong way -- going very negative in the debate and on TV, and he comes across as dour. You need a smiley, Cory Gardner Republican to have half a chance.

I liked Lopez, but Robinson hit it out of the park for me on the first question, assessing President Trump quite a bit like I would: very complimentary on deregulation, picks, tax cuts but wary on tariffs and trade.

Posted by jk at June 19, 2018 9:56 AM

I recall liking Robinson's campaign literature - which showed up very early. I'll give him a 2nd look. Et tu, JG?
FYI, CUT gave Polly Lawrence an F- (RINO a la Bernie's spending habits...)

Posted by nanobrewer at June 22, 2018 12:33 AM

Yes, Polly is an F.
My favorites are, in order, Lopez, Robinson, Stapleton, Mitchell. The polling order is Stapleton, Mitchell, Lopez, Robinson. Plus Lopez has an embarrassing domestic assault charge deep in his closet. He was cleared, but it's smearable.

Looking like our household will be voting Stapleton in the primary. And Everett for Treas.

Posted by johngalt at June 22, 2018 11:31 AM

@JG: why do you like Lopez?

Posted by nanobrewer at June 22, 2018 11:13 PM

Hey nb, sorry it took so long, but what I liked most about Lopez was his strong showing at the GOP state assembly and his native Hispanic heritage. I always put too much emphasis on that but the idea of a Republican explaining republicanism in Spanish seems a powerful weapon to me in our state.

Glad Stapleton won, just hope he's got a plan to get pro-America turnout above the anti-Americans.

Posted by johngalt at June 29, 2018 3:10 PM
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