Comments: And, the Asshole of the Day Award goes to...

I commented "I bet there were a few doubters last week."

Posted by jk at August 25, 2017 6:14 PM

Dear Dr. Ty,

Would that be "predicted" from tree rings and insect larvae examined last century, or "forecast" from atmospheric observations over the past thirteen days?

(Even then, only prompting an NHC advisory 8 days ago.)

But yeah, I guess weather is a proxy for climate predictions then after all, right?

Posted by johngalt at August 25, 2017 7:10 PM

The post drew several comments along the lines of climate != weather. Our hostess defended the tweet with "It's Dr. Tyson!"

Well, then.

Posted by jk at August 26, 2017 1:24 PM
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