Comments: Another Brave Man "Comes Out"

Curious: I quickly came to this conclusion, refusing to have FB as some sort of echo-chamber or surrogate for my BFF's not being Here-In-The-Now.

My pediatrician noted a different aspect of this 'public persona' with the emphasis on people's braggadocio and the all-too-real despondency this exposure can cause in the adolescent mind (she was awesome!)

I post very little about my kids, as central as they are, mainly b/c of FB's troubled legacy with privacy, and instead use FB as a musing board... tho' I must say it does occasionally let me catch up with distant friends.

As far as keeping up, I need to call more, not post more....

I don't think it's evil anymore, and Twitter has only be rehabilitated in my view b/c of IowaHawk's amazing tweets and Memes. So, I guess I can get on with all this...

Posted by nanobrewer at June 30, 2017 12:41 PM
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