Comments: Tying Truth's shoelaces

Props for "Savoir-Faire."

My initial post highlighted the difficulty of acquiring objective facts when things are spinning out of control. My initial "dumpster dive" into the affair was to question a post about a Clemson post-grad green card holder who was chased off a flight from Iran.

"Poppycock" said I, your brave defender of facts, determined to stamp out outrageous lies against the President's policies. Surely he's not keeping out legal residents!

Oh. Wait. He was.

Now that a stay is in place, there are many "anecdotes" of people -- legal residents -- travelling quickly during the stay. Still a dumpster fire, but sorry if I promulgated any bad evidence against it.

Posted by jk at February 7, 2017 10:57 AM

You are blameless, brother, in the promulgation of "fake news." Even Reason gets a pass in my book. Sometimes folks lie for political benefit: "Hands up! Don't Shoot!" or "Hottest year on record!" are just a couple of examples.

What I'm really saying here is that "fake news" is not a threat to civilization - rushing to judgment is.

Posted by johngalt at February 7, 2017 2:37 PM
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