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I am interested in the historical facts of American immigration law so I would love to read this book - in the scope of the timeframe which I have devoted to reading, which is to say, very little.

My offhand comments are,

"Democracy! Screwing up economic markets since 1875."

And, I'll challenge you on your E-Verify arguments. The economy did NOT "complete, total 100% crash." I realize that you exaggerate for effect, but the '08 Recession - caused largely by democratic government distortion of the housing market - was not that severe, nor even the likely cause for diminished economic activity. That ignominious award goes to the redistributory and regulatory administration of one President Barack Obama. The job creators saw a storm on the horizon and battened down the hatches.

Still, Raleigh's cause and effect conclusion about the state of Arizona could still hold up to scrutiny. Do we have any data on the 2007-2012 illegal immigrant population of Arizona's neighboring states without E-Verify?

Posted by johngalt at June 13, 2016 7:05 PM
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