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I wanted to watch this when it was posted but 11 minutes is just too long, man! Dagny told me about it so I went back and whole thing watched the, so I can tell readers the good stuff starts at 7:30. Wealthy Progressive D-bag Seth McFarland claims that he can support wealth redistribution to benefit the less fortunate, even though it's supposedly counter to his self-interest, but low income folks with moral beliefs who vote for Republicans are "puppets" because they're voting counter to their self-interest. WTF!

An apolitical friend from South Carolina recently told me that southern TEA Party people are basically the old Moral Majority, Bible thumpin' moralizers. I tried to suggest that social morality and private property are two different issues that can, but don't have to, coexist in the same value system. She heard me. Don't think she bought it though. But it opened my eyes to another reason the TEA Party has a bad rep.

Posted by johngalt at June 12, 2015 7:12 PM
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