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"Every coercive monopoly that exists or has ever existed was created and made possible by an act of government: by special franchises, licenses, subsidies, by legislative actions which granted special privileges (not obtainable in a free market)" -[Nathaniel?] Branden, as cited in The Myth of Monopoly: Antitru$t on Trial, author unknown.

First I must ask, how does something which heavily cites Ayn Rand become published at a duke-dot-edu domain? Then I wonder what is up with the strange font size creep as one reads the page. But the sections I read are EXCELLENT.

"Under the antitrust laws, a man becomes a criminal from the moment he goes into business, no matter what he does. If he complies with one of these laws, he faces criminal prosecution under several others. For instance, if he charges prices which some bureaucrats judge as too high, he can be prosecuted for monopoly, or rather, for a successful "intent to monopolize"; if he charges prices lower than those of his competitors, he can be prosecuted for "unfair competition" or "restraint of trade"; and if he charges the same prices as his competitors, he can be prosecuted for "collusion" or "conspiracy."

Recall the government regulator's line from last year's film, 'Atlas Shrugged Part II:' "Laws are useless unless the right people break them."

Posted by johngalt at January 31, 2013 3:31 PM

Thanks for warning on font creep -- I was woried my dosage was off or someting...

Posted by jk at January 31, 2013 3:48 PM
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