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Okay, I'm not an expert here, but I did consult Google Maps, and Ninth and Mapleton is five blocks from the west edge of town, in a residential district, and immediately adjacent to what looks like a school or playground. According to the article, this elk had been acting aggressively and cornered a mailman.

That looks like six months of good eating, and I think I can get away with saying "Nice rack!" without being taken out of context.

So what exactly is the issue? What were the cops supposed to do, bring it tea and dumplings? Big, aggressive animal, habitually terrorizing a community willed with helpless children and mailmen ("It's for the children! And the postmen..."); someone who society has issued a gun and a badge to for their protection shows up on scene and solves the problem. Click, bang, done.

But no! Someone has their lower intestine in a twist because a report wasn't filed? Did Atticus Finch file a report when he put down a rabid dog?

The only question I have is, why did it take over a week for someone to do this? This four-legged mass of tasty protein has been cruising the neighborhood for a week raising a ruckus, and not one person in a five-block range has the wherewithal to take the family shootin' iron off the wall and deal with it?

What, is Boulder full of hoplophones and GFWs unable to deal with a situation without permission from the guv'mint?

I will, of course, defer to Colorado residents to edumacate me on the lay of the land here...

Posted by Keith Arnold at January 3, 2013 1:01 PM

Nah, you've pretty much nailed it. I expect this will be a big deal. These are a serious panties-in-a-wad people. Investigations loom and I would not bet a month's tofu ration on the officer's keeping his job.

Nor is 9th and Mapleton real far from what we call "The Mountains;" it's a pretty short elk lope.

Posted by jk at January 3, 2013 1:21 PM

My blog brother proceeds from the position that a human child's life is more valuable than an elk's. That would not poll well in the precinct bounding 9th & Mapleton.

Posted by jk at January 3, 2013 1:24 PM

Maybe not a child, jk, but that mailman was a union member and a reliable vote! My gosh, man, he's one of their own!

Posted by Keith Arnold at January 3, 2013 2:19 PM

So many good jokes could be made, but I'll abstain. To understand the perspective of those bothered by this story, read the comments emailed about the animals "memorial" sevice, held "Thursday morning for the animal and placed pine boughs along the street" by one James Riemersma. "His only disturbance or damage being nipped off various plants and fauna, pawing up some sod here and there and bending a few fences." One wonders what adjectives might be used by the owners of the plants, sod and fences, and those who were trapped in their homes in fear of sharp antlers. More from Riemersma:

"If the shooter was not an officer of the law, whose life was endangered, the killing is a felony and the individual responsible shall be apprehended, prosecuted and held accountable."

First I'll ask this probable relativist, "Are you sure? Is anything knowable?" Then, "Are officers of the law above the law?" Also, "What laws must an ordinary citizen abide by when his 'life was endangered?" Next, possibly finally, "Do you expect every of your neighbors to be as cavalier about the unpredictability of this wild "majestic" animal in or near their homes as you so obviously are? Hypothetically, if he killed someone after you interfered with the police and prevented him killing the animal, shall you be apprehended, prosecuted and held accountable for murder?"

Posted by johngalt at January 3, 2013 2:53 PM

We joke about Boulder, but Boulderite Jon Caldera showed some film (not on yet) of fracking opponents who followed two young women to their car and yelled threats after the two represented their energy firm employers in a hearing.

Caldera was ashamed; I was incensed. These people are not harmless goofballs, they are totalitarians.

Posted by jk at January 3, 2013 3:46 PM

I happened to see clips of that last night, at the end of a DVRed program that we finally got around to from CBS 4 Denver. Couldn't find the original story but here is the follow-up.

Posted by johngalt at January 3, 2013 5:20 PM
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