Comments: Did I Misread?

"Proud to salute our nation's heroes" seems unambiguous enough to me. I'm not seein' the O logo either.

I have as much reason as you to be prickly on this, maybe more. I was gung-ho for the Iraq campaign. (Well, the butt-kickin part, not the nation-buildin part.) But I see and hear a celebration of a painful chapter closing more than any sort of credit or blame.

I'm proud to salute our nation's heroes too. Now that they're coming home, let's get government out of the way so that they can find jobs.

Posted by johngalt at December 31, 2012 1:25 PM

Happy to salute. Happy to welcome. Let me try one more time to bring others into my paranoid delusion.

Bush foreign policy, for all its failings, was based on completing the mission and objectives for victory. The Democratic opposition -- conversely and often counter-productively -- was always based on dates and timetables. This commercial celebrates timetables and not achievements. (...and I think there's a subliminal flashing of "Biden 2016!" for 10 milliseconds every few frames.)

Posted by jk at December 31, 2012 1:42 PM
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