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What izzit with ThreeSourcers and insanely adorable daughters? Blog brother nanobrewer made a cameo appearance with two super charmers. If we ever have a cute-off, things could get ugly.

Great talk. December 8 is the last of the year and will feature Colorado liberty-icon Jon Caldera. The owner is threatening to put us upstairs in the big room if we have a big crowd.

Posted by jk at November 27, 2012 6:24 PM

Thanks JK, but don't tell Demetra she's cute! She's already a handfull...

The talk was interesting, that which I heard (one girl was not feeling well), but was really not a healthy topic for a family man who is educating his children on the danger of drugs (yes, the speaker noted "illicit" and I am attempting to differentiate drugs like alcohol), and how they helped the children's mother disintegrate.

It reminds me how some (most?) of the Libertarian's credo is not well aligned to a society in need of good men to do good deeds... and surely now is not the time for good men to do nothing!

Posted by nanobrewer at November 28, 2012 1:24 AM

I feared the last-minute topic change did not serve your interests. Too bad and we'll hope to see you again. I want full legality for adults but would have left too were I in your position.

(And I'm going to tell both how cute they are and you'll just have to live with it.)

We've rumbled a bit on these pages. Few if any share my JS Mill - Ron Paul - legalize everything mentality. I was surprised by the general support of 64 in the generally conservative group. They took a raise-your-hands poll at my suggestion near the end and there was 70-30 support for Amendment 64 and near half for "legalize everything." For a soi disant libertarian group, as jg saw, there are a bunch of conservative republicans who have nowhere else to turn in Boulder.

The star moment of the evening was provided by Sean -- a regular and garrulous former CO State House member. He spoke of his brother, who is addicted to crystal meth. The tragedy is compounded if one imagines him having half the intelligence, wit, and grace of his brother.

But he said that with all his brother's problems and his challenges to move ahead, he cannot see any value in further encumbering him with a felony conviction. This will make it harder to get a job and rehabilitate.

Your closing paragraph about the libertarian credo inspires a longer response. I disagree, but will expand on that in a post.

Posted by jk at November 28, 2012 10:17 AM
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