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I figure I am preaching to the choir at 3srces but I have more than 300 Facebook friends. Probably the majority are too young to vote as I mostly discuss horses on Facebook. But I decided after we lost the election to see if I could spread a free market message a little wider. So here is my first attempt, posted on Facebook on just this subject:

I have seen here on Facebook a number of individual stories of individuals benefiting from Obamacare. I am very glad these few individuals have gotten what they need. However, I just need to ask a few questions about the bigger picture. If these individuals have gotten what they need at the expense of many others, is that a good thing?
I am the accounting manager and HR director for a small manufacturing company. We just finished our annual insurance renewal process. Surprise! Our insurance premiums are going up AGAIN! The premiums are partially paid by the employees so employee costs are going up AGAIN.
Also, I attended a meeting about the changes to our business due to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare.) This meeting was run by the Colorado State Health Care Exchange Coordinator (or some such title) and her small army of assistants. So I wondered, who is paying for this meeting, this lady (and her assistants), and the infrastructure (buildings, computers, pencils) to support her brand new government department? This lady (and her assistants) produce no actual health care. However, she must be supported out of the dollars we all spend on health care. Presumably similar meetings are occurring in every state and at every level.
So how can the ACA possibly make Health Care cheaper for all if a whole bunch more people who are not producing care need to be supported with the same health care dollars?
Now, the increases in premiums were not a huge deal for me. But for those here at the company like the receptionist and the janitor, those increases are more problematic. We had several employees elect not to renew coverage due to the increase in premiums. How can the ACA help those who need it most if cost increases affect them the most?
Suppose instead of this lady from the government negotiating for the Exchange, I were allowed to negotiate what my employees need directly with the Insurance companies?? Suppose, if I were not happy with the 3 (count them 3) choices I have in Colorado, I could get my Health Insurance from any company anywhere in the country. Suppose my employees were not required to pay for coverages that WE DON’T WANT? I bet that I could lower costs for myself and my employees and get better coverage for more people with no, “help,” from the government at all.
A very good friend of mine noted on a post a while back, that while the ACA may not be ideal, the issue needs to be, “WORKED ON.” I agree completely! However, the ACA is worse than, “not ideal” It is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. It makes care more expensive and less available despite the title.
I would love to chat with someone who disagrees with me on this out in the Facebook world.

Posted by dagny at November 27, 2012 9:27 PM

Hopefully I don't get unfriended by everyone I know and my vaulting business doesn't collapse due to un-PC ideas.

Posted by dagny at November 27, 2012 9:30 PM

I saw that on FB and figured that mine was not the opinion you were soliciting...

Good luck, and I'll happily lend you some FB friends who would respond. But the responses would tend toward the thin on rationality and facts. It's interesting to reach out but, as I may have mentioned, it can be unsatisfying to deal with a low information crowd.

I wish I could find the left's ThreeSources -- I'd even let them call me names.

Posted by jk at November 28, 2012 10:32 AM

"Jazz, guitars and right-wing politics?"

"Reason and consistency in defense of capitalism and individual rights?"

By what definition can a leftist version of ThreeSources even exist?

Posted by johngalt at November 29, 2012 4:56 PM
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