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The IBD house editorial is pretty good too.

My main focus going forward: Yaron Brooks' 'Free-Market Revolution.' That and pushing Ayn Rand on my Democrat friends.

Posted by johngalt at November 7, 2012 12:01 PM

I will agree, and yet disagree in part.

I, like you, am deeply disappointed, and perhaps angered. I will not claim that everything in which I believe was shredded, but I will confess that some of my beliefs did get shattered. I really and truly believed that this time, the majority would side with us and pull us back from the abyss - that we as a nation would choose personal liberty, the rule of law, and individual responsibility over EBT cards, guvmint cheese, Obama phones, and class warfare. Clearly, I misjudged human nature.

HOWEVER: as a starting point, WE ARE NOT WRONG. Free markets, individual liberty, and small government are still the best way for a nation to be run. THAT HAS NOT CHANGED. What has changed is that we have not, as a nation, chosen it. To put it simply, the moochers and the looters now outnumber the productive class. Since the economy is going to worsen, that means that the ranks of the moochers and the looters will increase, and the productive class will decrease. That is usually an irreversible downtrend. We are right, but the wrong now outnumber us.

93% of blacks voted for Obama, 7% for Romney. 75% of hispanics and 70% of asians voted for Obama. The white vote was split 58-42 - and yet whites are loudly branded racist. Biden told an audience of blacks that Romney was going to put them back in chains. They believed that lie, preferring to remain on the Democrat plantation.

Obama has funneled vast amounts of taxpayer dollars to his cronies and supporters through bailouts, grants, and boondoggle loans for "green" energy, yet Romney is the one who can't be trusted because he bears the sin of being successful financially. He has profited from productivity and must be punished.

The lie that Romney intended to make all abortions illegal was pandered to women.

Class envy. Racial strife. Voting irregularities.

The incumbent has alienated our allies, and encouraged our enemies. The uprising of the Islamic world, in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Turkey, and elsewhere, and the threat of a nuclear Iran, are all the direct result of his weakness and his deliberate foreign policy. Russian aggression and Red Chinese saber-rattling are also the fruit of his leadership.

The American economy is in shambles - and yet, the states hardest hit, like California and Michigan, were the most eager to re-elect him. You are looking at a cult of personality. What you have tyo face is, no matter what is said about candidate strength or campaign mis-steps, the majority of voters knew or had no excuse not to know, and voted for the left anyway.

Four Americans deliberately left to die in Benghazi. Three hundred murdered Mexican innocents and two murdered Americans as a result of Fast and Furious, a politically motivated policy. The list of obvious crimes goes on and on, and yet the majority chose this person with their eyes open - over one of the most squeaky-clean candidates in modern memory.

Elizabeth Warren is a confirmed and proven liar, regarding her heritage and her law practice. Jesse Jackson Jr. has been re-elected while confined to a mental institution. We can cite plenty of despicable and incompetent people who have been placed in or returned to office by majorities in that party, well after their character has been exposed to the light of day in the court of public opinion.

The majority of voting Americans now favor statism, socialism, and the dole. The are willing to overlook deep character flaws, malfeasance, and crime in order to have elected overlords who will distribute the booty to them. A republic cannot long survive under such conditions. JG's "Burn This MF'er Down and rebuild" doesn't apply just to the GOP. It applies to the nation. If the majority is going to not undergo a sudden and unlikely reversal as they see the abyss approaching, the only way to better this condition is to go Galt - for the productive, taxable class to withdraw, and let the carnage accelerate. Let it burn. Let them starve. Not come back until after the collapse.

Expect to hear sober, rational, calm discussions that are peppered with words like "fourth box" and "secession."

Posted by Keith Arnold at November 7, 2012 12:41 PM

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."

Sorry to disagree with the esteemed WSJ but the battle for liberty as we have known it, on a national scale, is lost. After a couple new Supreme Court justices, full Obamacare and a nice big amnesty (which Repubs will go along with in the stupid hope of winning some Hispanics) we will now gradually become western Europe. The trouble is, there won't be an America to prop us up.

The economy will continue anemic official "growth" for a few more years but food and energy will rise faster than official inflation. In other words we'll all be just a little poorer, but not enough to get most people off their asses.

I'm tempted to wish for the Götterdämmerung so that we can start the Second Republic ASAP, but nope, not going to happen. The "masses" will continue to feed upon the dreck peddled by the media. The welfare debit cards will continue to be refilled with borrowed money for awhile.

Let the Remnant learn, train, plan, save. As I wrote below, we'll be needed soon enough.

Posted by Ellis Wyatt at November 7, 2012 12:54 PM

Yeah, now I feel better. Thanks, Sunshine Squad!

I cannot disagree with either grim assessment. I'll make a token, internecine stab at brother ey's "amnesty" crack, but I have the same feeling (and meant to post the same Mencken quote). There are not enough liberty lovers to keep the counterintuitive policies that provide prosperity alive.

Nor am I a millenarian. We can coast along as France-without-the-good-cheese-and-chocolate (Velveeta Socialism®) for 20, 50, 100 years. As things descend slowly into Randian dystopia, the solutions, just like the book, will be more of the same.

Posted by jk at November 7, 2012 1:10 PM

Echoing the hubby, I float the thought that of "Atlas Shrugging." I picked the hubby's brain as to how the book ended and you know, it's a long, hard road but if all goes as planned, it's a reset. Right now we're looking at the makings of the blue screen of death.

And not to add to the hubby's passionate diatribe about the wrongs in last night's election but Alan Grayson?? Really??

Posted by Mrs. Keith Arnold at November 7, 2012 3:26 PM

UPDATE: And pushing social liberty on my Republican friends:

One of the resolutions at this year's Colorado Republican Assembly was "Abortion and birth control are personal private matters and not the business of government." It was approved with 58 percent or so of delegate votes. When I explained this to a woman circulating a right-to-life petition at a Romney campaign appearance a man near us yelled at me, "Well they're WRONG!" No sir, YOU are wrong.

It's more depressing that elected leaders believe conservatives should abandon fighting for the life of the unborn.

Nobody should ever stop fighting for the life of the unborn, just stop trying to use government power to do it. A government powerful enough to prevent personal medical procedures is not what the Founders intended.

a govt unable & unwilling to protect the most sacred private property of all is not what the founders intended.

People are not property - born or unborn.

My life is my property. You have no right to infringe upon my god given property.

Really? Even if you were a pregnant woman and intended to murder your unborn baby?

Ya. Point?

Then you must believe that government has that right even if I do not.

You've lost me. We are all entitled to the God given right of life. But I've stated my case & I realize this is going nowhere.

To the contrary, I have just demonstrated how giving government the power to regulate pregnancy - in the name of the high "good" of life of the unborn - also gives government the power to impose economic fascism - in the name of the high "good" of altruism. If you don't see this obvious connection then please, give it some thought. THINK about what the principles you hold so dear really imply.
Posted by johngalt at November 7, 2012 3:28 PM

@Mrs. Keith -- I'll see your Alan Grayson and raise you: Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Senate Banking Committee!

@Brother jg: subtract all the pro-life votes from the Red column last night and try to replace them with consistent leave-me-alone types. Edward Conard credits Roe v. Wade (and fusionism by reflection) with keeping the US out of European social policy.

As I said, I think the model is breaking down. But it is a very difficult one to replace.

Posted by jk at November 7, 2012 3:45 PM

I agree with KA's analysis, and will concede that the desire for "statism, socialism and the dole" is a bigger factor than the right to party. I won't go as far though as to say America is a majority moocher/looter nation. We still oppose (barely) tax hikes on the rich.

But people see through hypocrisy. Demanding economic liberty while denying social liberty is such with a capital H.

The turning point we've reached is that without the pro-life votes or even with them, economic liberty loses. If we're going to rebuild the team for the long run the first step is to cut all of the players who, philosophically at least, carry water for the other team.

Posted by johngalt at November 7, 2012 3:58 PM

It is bracing and encouraging to read the above comments. I am not going to give up fighting for liberty, not in the least. But I'm giving up on trying to change FedGov. Let us TAKE liberty for ourselves and our friends and loved ones. It was never GIVEN by any government, anyway. As Harry Browne (bless his heart) once wrote, "We accept that there can be free nations in an unfree world; why not free states in unfree nations, free towns in unfree states, free individuals in unfree towns?"

Or something like that. I haven't read the book in 15 years. I got the gist, though.

Posted by Ellis Wyatt at November 7, 2012 6:42 PM

Not too far from Bill Whittle's suggestion (embedded a few posts above)

Posted by jk at November 7, 2012 7:50 PM
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