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You've made me realize I dug a serious hole for myself...becuase I didn't have any Mercer in the Five Best Songs and I've only got one left, which I picked out a long time ago. I'll have to get creative.

I went to the Coffehouse today and listened to you play "Misty" which reminded me: I love Clint Eastwood's movie Play "Misty" For Me" which is set in Carmel, CA and I was just there last month for a family event. My wife's mother spent time there a child, her grandmother died there, Eastwood was mayor, and Robert A. Heinlein also died there. On my honeymoon I lit a candle at the famous old mission there and 13 months later little Ellis Jr. was born.

I know I'm rambling but somehow Johnny Mercer tied it all together.

Posted by Ellis Wyatt at August 21, 2012 7:54 PM

He always does, man, he always does...

I played Misty for my lovely bride the night of our first date. She knew it from the movie and her Dad but did not know it had words. That is an amazing tune.

Posted by jk at August 21, 2012 8:04 PM
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