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If memory serves, my blog brother may have been born in Missouri. Yet it is this Colorado native who requires one more "show-me." If Mister Tebow and the Broncos play well against the Pats (and "Coach Hoodie" as a good friend of this blog calls Belachik) then I will believe.

I am not demanding a win. We have picked a bad week to have so many important injuries on defense. Plus that would be churlish. If we are in a serious position to win the game in the 4th quarter (as if there are others), then I will put on my believin' shoes. If we lose 45-3, it will confirm my concern that we had a nice run in a weak schedule.

I know, blessed is he who has not seen and yet believes...

Topic 2: your Bears' quotes flew contrary to what would have been in my football post. I thought the game to be the best example of sportsmanship I have seen in professional athletics in some time, and I adopted Da Bears as my second favorite team yesterday. The image of Julius Peppers and Tim Tebow walking back to the huddle was a Coke® commercial come to life. Young Tebow had fooled Mister Peppers on an option; the next play, he tried it again and got flattened. "Nice play kid, but don't push your luck." They patted helmets and had what appeared to be a respectful exchange as the two great champions retook the field.

I'm getting thirsty for a Coke just thinking about it.

Posted by jk at December 12, 2011 3:28 PM

Honestly, I thought so too - until I read some of the post-game comments. The Vikings seemed much more sporting about being "Tebowed." Perhaps that's because they were already out of the playoffs and not fighting for a spot like the Bears were.

Dagny and I like a lot of things about the Chicago team and wish them well. In fact, we hope they win out. Some friendly advice: Their chances will be better if they become more introspective.

Posted by johngalt at December 12, 2011 4:00 PM

If Denver loses to the Pats, it won't prove that Tebow is not a good QB. It will only prove that Denver is not yet an elite team, which it surely is not. The 7-1 record does not prove that Tebow is great nor that the schedule is weak. It reflects a combination of some timely big plays and fortunate ball bounces.

One must give Tebow credit for helping the team to change its attitude and overachieve it's potential. That alone is a validation to his leadership.

Posted by Boulder Refugee at December 13, 2011 5:17 PM
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