March 12, 2006


JK gets to rave about Firefly.

Now it's my turn to salivate over the Sopranos.

They're finally back.

Rehashing the entire last season will be impossible, so I'll just directed the interested to Wikipedia, instead I'll just give the rundown of what I think might happen in Season 6.

Season five ended with the higher-ups in the New York family going down to some sort of federal charges, probably racketeering, murder, drugs, etc. Typical mafioso bust. Which leaves some sort of power struggle possible in that family. Given that the Sopranos also have some partnerships in deals with the New York family, look for the Sopranos to capitalize on New York's misfortune.

Tony and Carmella will somewhat patch up their relationship, but it won't be without troubles. AJ Soprano should have graduated high school by now and is probably enrolled in a local community college. He wasn't terribly interested in high school, so look for him to move into the family's business.

Christopher Moltisante will get whacked by Tony. He'll go back to his heroin addiction as a way to escape the problem with his now dead rat girlfriend, Adrianna. Some sort of a deal will go down with Christopher that will implicate the family in a bad way. For that, he will pay dearly. Christopher is Tony's nephew, so Tony will do the deal himself.

This will heal some wounds that Paulie Walnuts has suffered because of Christopher and Tony's relationship. Silvio will continue on in his role as consigliere. Bobby Bacala has married Tony's sister Janice, and I believe they are having a baby. Vito Spadafore will be revealed to more of the family as a homosexual, and Meadow will marry Finn DeTrulio, who asked her to marry him out of fear of Vito.

Right? Wrong?

Will anyone get wacked tonight?

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But jk thinks:

I've never seen it. But Duncan Currie at "The Weekly Standard" is pretty excited as well. He knows what's going to happen but "like Tony, he has taken an oath."

Posted by: jk at March 12, 2006 3:39 PM