December 23, 2015

"Shocked Face" Auditions.

Okay. First, let's see your standard expression. Good.


What was billed as a grassroots movement by a group of moms to oust three conservative members of the Jefferson County Board of Education has direct ties to the nation's largest teachers union.

Complete Colorado has learned that Jeffco United received nearly two-thirds of its roughly $250,000 war chest from the National Education Association (NEA).

In a United States Department of Labor annual LM-2 report filed Nov. 25th, the NEA reports a $150,000 donation to Jeffco United on Aug. 27 for the purpose of a "ballot measure campaign."

Shocked Face!!! "What, you mean the whole grassroots campaign was underwritten by union stooges? Really?"

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November 16, 2015

JeffCO: I2I still has work to do?

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According to EyeOnJeffCo Recall Organizer Attempts to Set Rules for Superintendent.

Hmm, the article is very short on details. The best is numbering the beast: Shawna Fritzler, founder of Support Jeffco Kids and vocal advocate for the recall then begins to make claims a mile long.... starting with an attention grabbing:

demanded that Superintendent Dan McMinimee cease meeting with certain individuals and organizations. ... she seeks to forbid him from going to speak with political groups, requested he not speak to anyone at one of Denver’s largest think tanks, nor do any conservative talk radio shows.

Here's the only one with substantiation:

she seeking to bar the superintendent “from doing any radio talk shows,” or demanding that, “for the remainder of the year… you not to attend any political meeting”?

OK, no actual restriction on conservative talk shows (then again, where would the liberal ones be?), no mention if there was or wasn't video of the meeting as there apparently had been under the old board. Am I being too critical of this clarion call? It's surely unreasonable to force a school superintendent to stop political activity....

More interestingly is if this website continues to carry content, or is just going to be a sniping site agin the new board.... or it's prominent supporters. I don't like how the articles are unsigned; I hope I don't regret giving a Tip to this site....

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