April 1, 2014

When Reporting the News, Isn't

Readers may recall a 2012 presidential debate between Messrs. Obama and Romney where the former claimed to have recognized Benghazi 9/11/2012 as a "terrorist attack" and the later challenged that assertion. "Yes, he did call it terrorism" was the ruling of the debate moderator, Ms. Candy Crowley. What he actually said during a Rose Garden speech was "No act of terror shall..." without specifically admitting that is what happened that night in Libya.

The Denver Post printed a report on Colorado's Independent Ethics Commission investigation into Governor Hickenlooper's receipt of food and lodging at a conference in Aspen at the expense of a political campaign group, the Democratic Governor's Association. The Post's Lynn Bartels ended the story on yesterday's hearing this way:

[Compass Colorado attorney] Blue also expressed concern that the commission's own investigator has released drafts of his report to the governor's attorneys but not to Compass Colorado.

"It doesn't seem fair," he said.

Blue believes the commission on April 14 should agree to conduct a full hearing on the complaint.

But from this brief mention one may scarcely recognize the extent of the impropriety at issue. Fortunately for me, I had first read the account of The Colorado Observer.

Lawyers for Compass Colorado, the conservative group that filed the ethics complaint, were surprised to learn that the Democratic governorís legal team had already reviewed two drafts of the IEC investigatorís report that the Compass attorneys had not yet seen.

A detailed account of the back-and-forth is included in the TCO story including a statement by Compass Colorado Executive Director after the hearing, which questioned "the transparency of this process."

Indeed, particularly when one considers the possible reasons for a second, or revised, draft report. Perhaps the governor's counsel suggested a change or two?

But I certainly won't accuse Ms. Bartels of any bias in her coverage of this story. After all, she did report "drafts," plural, had been "released" to one side and not the other. Fair and balanced, yessir.

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March 6, 2014

Colorado GOP Straw Poll Results

To its discredit, Colorado's Republican Party chose to NOT conduct a statewide straw poll on any of the primary races in 2014. What are they afraid of, I wonder? To their credit, however, many counties chose to conduct straw polls independently. My county of Weld was one of them as was Douglas County, whose website has conveniently aggregated all of the county by county straw polls from:

Douglas, Broomfield, Pueblo (partial), Yuma, Larimer (partial), Adams (partial) Montrose, Weld, Teller (governor only), and Boulder.

Cory Gardner ran away with the US Senate preference poll with 83.6 percent to Hill and Baumgardner's 8.4 and 5.2, respectively.

The Governor's contest was, a contest:

Gessler - 30.3%
Beauprez - 22.5%
Tancredo - 15.7%
Kopp - 14.0%
Brophy - 11.9%
House - 3.6%

Others - 2%

My county seems to prefer Beauprez with 23.2%, followed by Gessler at 20.3%, Tancredo at 19.9%, Kopp at 15.7% and Brophy with 13.6%. House fared very poorly in Weld coming in behind Roni Bell Sylvester, who's 77 multi-county votes included 42 in Weld County.

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But johngalt thinks:

Here are my gut feelings about this race:

Tancredo is running for two reasons. First, to reestablish himself as a Republican after the 2012 train wreck and second, to put himself in a position to endorse another candidate when he withdraws. The Power Broker play.

Brophy is running because RMGO hand picked him and offered to bankroll his campaign. His statement that "If I get 30% at State Assembly I'll go on to the primary, if I don't I'll go home and spend time with my family - either way I win" tells me he's not as committed as Gessler has proven to be.

House is running to establish statewide name ID, perhaps for a future campaign.

Beauprez polled so well here, as a write-in on most ballots I suspect, that he may decide to "volunteer" as a candidate at State Assembly. He may well boost his showing in the binding vote by delegates to 30 percent, from the 22.5 percent write-in by general caucus goers.

There are four names on the 2014 Primary Election Candidate Petition List: Tancredo, House, Sylvester and Beauprez. Sylvester has a snowball's chance. As does, I believe, House. So at worst, it will be a 3-way race. Gessler, Beauprez, Tancredo. I expect Tancredo to withdraw and endorse Beauprez.

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March 5, 2014

Caucus Report

Midterm caucuses are sleepy affairs after the quadrennials. I thought all the churn in Centennial State races would supercharge the political atmosphere. But . . . nah.

Eleven souls from my precinct showed up in pretty good weather. There was none of the Ron Paul, Tea Party vibe that permeated 2010 and 2012. A bunch of nice folks who completed all their tasks by 8:30.

Our straw poll results:
Governor: Tancredo 4, Beauprez 3, Brophy 2, Gessler 1, Kopp 1
Senate: Cory Garner 10, Owen Hill 1 (Ten write-in votes, he was not on the ballot).

If the libertarian revolution is going to sweep the GOP. It does not appear it will start in precinct 34.

UPDATE: The highlight may have been Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer's announcing for CO4. She made a rousing, energetic speech about "bringing some Weld County to Washington." Challenging DA Ken Buck, I could not help but notice she was wearing high heels.

UPDATE II: I had the new Nokia Lumina 1020 on me:


Barbara KirmeyerLori Saine

Curiously, none of the candidates played the vibraphone . . .

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But johngalt thinks:

You have a 1020? I'm jealous! Doesn't work on T-Mobile though, at least not easily. I went for the $125 Nokia 571 (572?) that doesn't give me heart palpitations every time I drop it or let a kid use it. Still 5MP and has expansion slot for memory that I might use some day.

We had 8 folks in our precinct, and more than that in the other two at our location. Weather started good but a pending snow threat was widely publicized. You are right - these were the "regulars." But I still made a vocal defense of gay marriage, legal marijuana, legal abortion (we had the whole menu) and was well received by most who saw those issues as important mostly to media voices, as a cudgel against every "TEA Party extremist" with an R after her name.

You picture two of my representatives here. I like them both very much. It came as a surprise last night that Barb is running for congress. Clearly there's no "coronation" mechanism in the Colo. GOP.

Our straw poll totals were similar to yours except that Beauprez was the leader with 3 and Tancredo had, I think, just 1. I wanted to tally all three of my precincts but didn't have time before sending the packets back to Greeley. Still looking for straw poll results from Weld but have seen some from DougCo, where Gessler was the top vote getter. (Can't find that same data again this morning.) Also found, in this story, results from Broomfield:

Gessler - 46%
Beauprez - 29%
Brophy - 6%
Kopp - 4%
House - 2%

Gardner - 87%
Hill - 7%
Baumgardner - 5%

Apparently they had some hootin' and hollerin' there, too.

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But jk thinks:

Heh. The 1020 is a bit indulgent, but the one non-communications function that I really use is the camera. I do our HOA newsletter and the occasional blog need -- this baby does quite well. The pix above are zoomed substantially from the nosebleed seats.

I was changing plans and inquired about upgrading and got to comparing a gooberload of different combinations. Ended up scoring two of these on the AT&T NEXT plan. When the dust settles, I realized I'd basically just financed two expensive phones, thus spending my savings on the new plan. (One born every minute I tell ya..)

After a brief buyer's remorse period, I am very pleased with the phone.

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But johngalt thinks:

Yeah, 41 MP! Drool. Does it have a mega memory to save every pic in full resolution, or does it prompt you to crop or compress or something?

Like the Audi Q7 V-10 TDI I believe I'll own a 1020 one day, but after the bleeding edge pricing comes down, or maybe a refurbished one. ;)

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March 4, 2014

CO Gov Candidate Op Eds

Complete Colorado dot com has solicited 700 word op eds from the governor's candidates. My prior post linked the one penned by the Losertarian, Matthew Hess. Here are the ones submitted by Republicans:

Mike Kopp (excellent)

Steve House (excellent)

Tom Tancredo (off-topic, rhetorical and tilting at windmills)

If and when I see others posted, I'll link and micro-review them too.

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But jk thinks:

An embarrassment of riches. I'll agree with all of your assessments. Like the debate, all the non-Tancredo candidates were very good.

I suspect that Rep. Beauprez is not jumping in because the others were not libertarian enough on marijuana and gay marriage...

To caucus! You at the school in Frederick?

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But johngalt thinks:

Not Frederick, Fort Lupton. Actually my district is split since our 8 precincts won't all fit in the school. I'll be at the "satellite caucus" at a Brighton church.

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And He's In!

Rep. Bob Beauprez announces.

Former Congressman Bob Beauprez on Monday filed his paperwork to run for governor, saying Coloradans for weeks have urged him to get into the GOP primary.

In an interview with the Denver Post, the 65-year-old Boulder County native blasted Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper's style of leadership, talked about defeat of the education tax-hike measure Amendment 66, and explained why he got into a race where six Republicans already have announced.

"I want to get Colorado moving again and be the envy of the whole country," he said.

Losing to Bill Ritter by 17 is disconcerting. But despite what you may have read on the Internet, I've no great, fundamental objection.

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But johngalt thinks:

So "both-ways Bob" became the seventh entrant to the race because he wants to "give voters an option of somebody who has the vision, the credibility, the experience to get the job done."

I guess I can see some advantages there. Still, why wait until Caucus Eve to get in? The Convention bid stuff is a canard. I think there's just a sense that there may never be a consensus around any of the other guys. Maybe true. Like I've said on Facebook, I'll support whichever nominee wins the primary. (I just haven't said on FB that I hope it's not Tom.)

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March 3, 2014

Colorado 2014: Caucus Prep

HOLY COW! Caucus in tomorrow! I am ill-prepared and need to lean on ThreeSourcers.

A: Are we showing up with platform planks? This seems a great opportunity to sneak a bit of liberty into the Colorado GOP when they're not looking :)

B: What is the strategy for the gubernatorial nomination? I enjoyed the debate on Sunday and both the lovely bride and I came out choosing Greg Brophy. He is a Republican Hickenlooper -- and I mean that in a very good way -- drives a Prius, rides a bike, bla, bla, bla. He was also the most friendly to liberty in the drug and gay marriage debate. That was a low bar, but he crossed it.

I would be happy to line up for any of the participants. I mentioned two unsurprising areas of disagreement, but they all were good. The guy I am not certain I could support is Rep, Tancredo. He did not bother to show up at the debate, but I figured it was for Republicans as he ran against the Republican nominee last time.

So how do we nominate one of the Anybody But Tancredos? I asked Steve House that very question at LOTR-F. I am worried that the ABT vote will split and open the field for the toxic interloper.

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But johngalt thinks:

A: I had planned to take only the RMGO plank, mostly due to not thinking about others. Having seen how the resolution process works first hand, single resolution suggestions are essentially discarded in the aggregation process. Only the ones with multiple precincts behind them will filter through to state convention, where most of them will pass and then be negotiated at the national convention, which won't happen this off-year cycle.

B: I have been considering Brophy also, as well as House, but the latter is not participating in caucus. Ultimately I decided, last week, to stick with Gessler. His gesslerforcolorado website issues page lists only the issues I think are important to Colorado, and I agree with him on all positions. He's got the best organization and the most fundraising support, and needs to get 30% to appear on the primary ballot. I don't want to weaken his support before the coming battle with Tancredo. Gessler has also proven his electability, having won the statewide election for Secretary of State. None of the others has won a statewide contest.

For the record, I'm also caucusing for Gardner for senate, Buck for CD4, Lori Saine for HD63 Steve Reams for Weld Sheriff, Carly Koppes for Clerk and Recorder, undecided on Attorney General but leaning Mark Waller, undecided on County Commissioner at large, leaning Lyle Achziger. Complete list of candidates here.

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But johngalt thinks:

A panel of political appointees found Gessler "guilty" of "ethics violations" and the CO Springs Gazette thinks that is a fatal flaw in his campaign. But then, there is this conflict of interest.

Posted by: johngalt at March 3, 2014 3:28 PM
But johngalt thinks:

I recall the headline that said Gessler's "ethics violations" were essentially a political hit job. Now, I've read the whole article. What a joke.

If we shy away from candidates who are victims of tactics like this we may as well just let registered Democrats start voting in our primaries.

Posted by: johngalt at March 3, 2014 3:54 PM
But johngalt thinks:

Here is a "what to expect" video about the caucus process from Scott Gessler.

Posted by: johngalt at March 4, 2014 3:56 PM
But johngalt thinks:

Here is a story with a range of interesting resolutions the author found being proposed at one or more precinct caucus. We had opposition to common core and a few others, but some of these are way beyond the scope of our 8 members who came out in sloppy weather to talk about issues and candidates.

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December 17, 2013

Et tu Motor City Madman?

Might be a loooooong year...


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But johngalt thinks:

Reminds me of Chuck Norris' endorsement of Mike Huckabee.

'Spose Scott Gessler could finagle a celebrity endorsement from Clint Eastwood? I'll message him the suggestion.

Posted by: johngalt at December 18, 2013 3:21 PM
But johngalt thinks:

Heh. For my trouble I received a return email stating, "We've shown the endorsements (40 or so mostly unknown Republican office holders) now we need to show our fundraising power!" Including a solicitation for donation, of course.

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December 16, 2013

He's Going to be our Nominee, Is he not?

I'm probably going to have to move. Odds are too good that my buddy, Rep. Tom Tancredo (Wahoo -- CO), will get the GOP gubernatorial nod in 2014. I'll have a more difficult time voting for Gov. Hickenlooper than last time. I did in 2010 in response to a Tancredo third-party run. But that was abstract.

It seems more consequential now that he has signed the terrible gun bills -- really signed on to every piece of nonsense the Democratic legislature put on his desk. In fairness, our geologist guv is good on fracking and our brewmaster guv has helped the craft brewing industry. But that is about it.

Mister serious and statesmanlike Tancredo has this banner ad up on Insty:


I've seen this on Facebook as well. Is he crazy? Don't answer that. We have had three contentious and serious recall efforts that removed three very deserving Democratic legislators. "Probably not a bad idea?" to recall a sitting governor the year he is up for election? Obviously, Crazy-man Tommy does not think so: just some red meat to throw at his populist supporters.

One can argue about his credentials, policies, and efficacy. But I thought that once you run against the nominee, you are pretty much out of the party. How naive I was, he is being welcomed back by a huge part of the Centennial State's GOP.

I'm thinking Tennessee's a nice place...

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But johngalt thinks:


Posted by: johngalt at December 16, 2013 4:00 PM
But jk thinks:

Hope you're right -- I am a HUGE Honey Badger fan!

Yet I am sadly overwhelmed at the surfeit of the following line of thought:

1) Oh man, Hick is really bad!
2) Ergo, we need a big name to beat him.

Posted by: jk at December 16, 2013 4:11 PM