September 24, 2019

Adams to the Children of the Climate (Corn)

Excellent post by a guy I'm guessing is an undersung Polymath.

Scott Adams' A Message for Children About Climate Change is a very good way we need to begin to address that hysteria.

He doesn't fight the narrative CO2 = death to Earth, but states in great contrast to the 16-yr. old scold now running around in jillionaires' private jets screeching at 'world leaders' a simple and positive message.

Dear Children,
Iím sorry adults have frightened you about climate change and how it might affect your future. You might be less afraid if you knew some facts that adults intentionally do not explain to you. Iíll tell you here.
He aims to build up nuclear power.
More people have died installing solar panels and falling off roofs than have died from nuclear power problems anywhere in the world for the past few decades. And nuclear energy is the obvious way to address climate change, say most of the smartest adults in the world

He notes the waste issue
If you are worried about nuclear waste, you probably should not be. Every country with nuclear energy (and there are lots of them) successfully stores their nuclear waste.
and Yang covered Thorium (if you don't retch over the "existential threat" nonsense).
He cites carbon capture, and a few other things. Then, a minor admonishment:
If you are worried about rising sea levels, donít be. The smartest and richest people in the world are still buying property on the beach. They donít see the problem. And if sea levels do rise, it will happen slowly enough for people to adjust.

and one really good scold:
If adults have encouraged you to panic about climate change without telling you what I am telling you here, they do not have your best interests at heart. They are using you.

I think they are using children most odiously, sometimes like G. Packer stated in my earlier post, "making themselves feel more righteous, indulging another form of narcissistic pride, expiating their guilt, and shifting the load of their own anxious battles onto children."

Personally, I still point at the botched, rent-seeking science and yellow journalism. But maybe that's why he's famous, and I'm typing to blog read by barely a handful.

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