June 24, 2018

Western Conservative Summit

The speakers were typically very, very good, if not excellent, and I was only there for Saturday morning & afternoon sessions (missing Candace Owens, Scott Pruitt, Ed Meese, Dana Loesch, etc.).

Biggest splash was the standing ovation granted Jack Philips, and the very solid and inspiring talk given by his counsel; Dr. Michael Farris of ADF. Great line:

what a dream job for a lawyer, defending students (from their college) for handing out the constitution!

Biggest impression (aka, hitting above expectations) was Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries. I followed up with his hour long break out session as he described - and briefly pitched - his "leadership workshops" approach and philosophy designed for 18-25 year olds. Clearly it's a christian ministry, but apart from a quip from II Timothy 2, he didn't mention God or Christ at all. Fascinating presenter... he's on my list for a summer workshop some day my kids decide they don't want or need summer jobs :-)

John Andrews sounded old and tired (sadly, I've always liked him), Jon Caldera only slightly more likeable than when he's on air, George Lopez felt quite scripted, and "Chuck & Julie" did nothing to endear me any more towards their mediocre afternoon radio show - just the opposite, actually, which I didn't think possible.

Frank Gaffney (a frequent Hugh Hewitt guest) was decent in presenting the top issues being considered at the Center for Security Policy but I was unconvinced of his theory about an EMP propbably wiping out a significant percentage of the 2100 very large power transformers running the U.S. electric power grid's main backbone. My professional opinion - very small risk, even with a perfectly executed air burst weapon: Some breaker trips & disruption? Surely... but minuscule chance of significant damage.

John Stonestreet was very powerful for such a young guy presenting on a topic of limited interest to me (Colson Center for Christian Worldview), and John Erwin of "I Can Only Imagine" fame was also excellent. Lastly, Ainsley Earhardt was poised and engaging, even while discounting for her stunning good looks and Fox fame. I didn't buy it, but am much more intrigued by her book than I expected - that is to say: how much strife can a blond bombshell who committed to Christ at 21 really have experienced??? Still, as a father to two girls, I found her story, quietly dignified faith and saga compelling.

Interesting breakout session or two (I mentioned Summit Ministries) that spoke about Millennials, college life (Yay: I got to meet Dr. Hayward!) and the like.

A very exciting takeaway was large crops of young people, a very well staffed and energized group of T.P. USA'ers, and lots of infectious, positive enthusiasm. I'll certainly go next year, perhaps even for more than a day.

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