June 19, 2018

All Hail Harsanyi

I got into exactly one discussion about the current immigration contretemps. It was in a private forum, with a very good friend who is bright, reasonable and irrigid on ideology. It did not go well.

David Harsanyi captures my thoughts pretty well. Here's the lede:

When emotionalism meets scaremongering, it's difficult to have a useful debate about anything. Yet for immigration, those seem to be the two choices.

My appreciation for immagrants and my compassion for their humanity has been well dpocumented on these pages. Left to my devices, I would hand each family who arrived at the border a bottle of water, some coupons for Carl's Jr., and a small American flag -- and say "Welcome to America!"

Yet I have been gravely disappointed by the furor. It sucks that families encounter the cold concrete sterility of the DMV after making an arduous journey. Anythiing the Administration is actively doing specifically to make it worse is wrong.

But it's the DMV, not Auschwitz. I encountered a hundred people yesterday who cannot tell the difference. I bet it is pretty horrible. But I saw a tweet saying "children numbered -- just like Nazi Germany!" I clicked on the accompanying photo, and a child has a puffy, fabric wrist band with "45" on it in an NFL font. Not tattoos and yellow stars.

Perhaps things will be improved by the outrage but I am pretty skeptical. I think, pacé Harsanyi, that the emotional reactions are likely to impede a better solution.

Immigration Posted by John Kranz at June 19, 2018 10:09 AM

Hmmm. Water, coupons, a flag. What about Social Security numbers?

Posted by: johngalt at June 22, 2018 7:32 PM

Well, you don't have an emotional blunting-blade like I do: "I am concerned about MY children!" Still, being an open borders type, didn't you have that to offer as a bridge (as that's what the Dems are proposing as a solution to this synthetic crisis). Synthetic b/c the law has been in place since W signed it into law... it took Sessions to enforce it to get Congress to open their eyes: ah, that's what happens when the coyotes figure out the weak spot!

Posted by: nanobrewer at June 22, 2018 10:54 PM | What do you think? [2]