April 24, 2018

Still Glad I'm not on the Left

Tyler Cowen appreciates free markets, but is quite far from being anyone's idea of "a right winger."

Prepare to feast on his "Holding Up a Mirror to the Intellectuals of the Left" to see the other guys get some serious -- and well deserved -- medicine.

I find that left-wing intellectuals complain more about the right wing than right-wing intellectuals complain about the left. This negative focus isnít healthy for the viability of left-wing intellectual creativity.

Probably the two best "market failure" books this year were written by colleagues of mine, coming out of libertarian traditions: Bryan Caplan and Robin Hanson (with Kevin Simler, whose background I'm not as familiar with). In Hanson's case, the book was intermingled with influences from science fiction. The left continues to produce plenty of content on market failure, but rarely am I surprised by the material.

I see social media as leading to more left-wing than right-wing intellectual conformity. If only because many more intellectuals are on the left, it is a more significant phenomenon where leaders on the left announce talking points, or the villain of the day, and their followers pick up the charge.

Still pretty disappointed with much on the right, but there is "a remannt" keeping the flame alive.

Philosophy Posted by John Kranz at April 24, 2018 5:48 PM
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