January 9, 2018


I have become increasingly frustrated with some of my capital-S-Science folks. While we share an aversion to what SciBabe calls "Woo," they have a myopic acceptance of expert opinion and a concomitant bias to the prevailing leftism of academia. Net-neutrality: good, Global Warming: certain.

It makes sense and there's an underlying consistency. But yesterday, I almost unfollowed SciBabe for sharing a tweet wondering how "that swollen prick (that, umm, would be the President) still golfs" when there is a shortage of IV bags and saline thanks to a Puerto Rican factory's being offline after the hurricane. Huh? What?

I'm glad I hung on. There's a potential rift between the ScienceMarchers™ and their lefty friends smitten with Winfrey-Warren 2020. Oprah's years of Woo might come back to haunt:


UPDATE: That's a funky suspicious link here's a similar-thesised piece from Robert Tracinski.

Science Posted by John Kranz at January 9, 2018 3:48 PM
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