November 16, 2017

Big Deal in the land of Mecca

This really is a big deal - one I've been watching with interest since the first news that Saudi women could finally drive a car without running afoul of the law of this holy land.

A New York Times op-ed finally broaches the significance of the tectonic shift apparently underway in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

All this is a risky proposition. What is happening in Saudi Arabia today, especially considering the recent purges against the old guard, resembles both a palace revolution and a religious upheaval. In addition, these changes coincide with the Saudi government’s renewed warnings about the Iranian menace and its rapprochement with Israel. What kind of revolutionary is this prince? Some see in him instead a man guided by an American hand, commissioned to clean up the region.

Sidebar: Current Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo long ago suggested, infamously, the "nuking" of Mecca. What a colossal mistake, in retrospect, that would have been.

Freedom on the March Islam Posted by JohnGalt at November 16, 2017 4:07 PM
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