October 30, 2017

inside the energy industry

Just to give y'all an inside peak at the new DOE in action, in great detail.
Backdrop DOE is pushing via a rarely used obscure rule, FERC to issue a rule ("NOPR") to compensate coal & nuke plants for their on-site fuel storage capacity under the rubric of "resiliency." FERC can issue rules that change how power plants (or transmission lines, or utilities) are compensated.

Here is a very well argued article which sounds rational and balanced, but really is against the DOE effort (the author is a GreenTech consultant). He likes to say "Facts Do Matter" but ... well, I'll let others try to ID the bias... if any of you read it!

I'm inching closer to pushing my writing skills more widely on this topioc, against the knowledge that the green-weenies will tear into my realism, and perhaps cause collateral career damage.

Oil and Energy Science Posted by nanobrewer at October 30, 2017 11:50 PM
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