September 30, 2017

Why do they kneel?

Because, according to one retired NFL great, Democratic elitists have taught them it is better to kneel than to "stand up as men." Burgess Owens, former New York Jet and Oakland Raider, writes:

Is it possible to embrace a national history today that is such a dichotomy regarding the human experience? The liberal Left says that we shouldn't. They feel that all reference to that part of American history should be destroyed and our country should transfer wealth to atone for the deeds of white strangers who died 150 years ago. They suggest that slavery is the root cause of the misery found within today's urban community.

Conservatives, on the other hand, point to the success of the Texas Republican as an example of the possibilities available to all Americans when individuals are granted a choice to adhere to the principles and values of success.

The middle-aged Texan proved the truth of this philosophy as he partook the fruit of his labor. His gratefulness and unique connection to an eight-year-old South Carolina slave boy gave him an enduring love and respect for his country and his flag. The two, after all, were one and the same - my Great-Great Grandfather Silas Burgess, whose name I'm honored to carry.

Millions of other Americans from every other culture share this American experience. It is the gratitude of our present generation for our ancestors' grit and tenacity that forges a spiritual connection that gives us pride in our country's flag.

It is this connection that most black Americans do not have due to the sanitization of their history.

Owens says respect for the flag is important.

"My concern with this whole process is what the flag stands for," Owens said Monday night. "When I stood on the sideline I remembered getting teary-eyed at points because I was so excited about being there, I was so proud to be part of that process. But I also grew up in a time where 70% of black men were mentors to us. They were in the home, doing things they needed to do, teaching us that this country is the greatest place to be and to grow in."

And that the root of the entire kneeling controversy is one thing - socialist politics.

Owens said this is not a black or white American problem, "it's a Democratic, elitist problem." Owens called on players to stand up against the corporate and liberal elites in the NFL who are "using my race."
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