September 3, 2017

Harvey Helpers

Best article I've read yet (only had time for a few), from Kevin Williamson (one of my faves) at NRO. It has this great quote:

Texas’s culture may strike some as atavistic macho-cowboy silliness, but, as it turns out, when the water gets high you really want to have some atavistically macho cowboys around.

The now-famous Houston Chronicle photo of a stoic-looking man wading through the flood waters while carrying an exhausted woman who is herself carrying a child is an iconic expression of certain realities that are not, whatever the voguish academic nonsense claims, “socially constructed.”

And this really good primer for us liberty-lovers, which I can confirm from my days as a safety engineer:

our buildings do not collapse and will not fail absent extraordinary circumstances. This is, as I have argued before, partly the result of one of the great regulatory success stories of our time: our building codes, which are developed through a decentralized, organic process involving everyone from architects and engineers to fire marshals and elected officials. The robustness of our building standards is, in fact, sometimes silly: Commercial glass must be able to endure hurricanes of a certain determined force, and it is tested by using a pneumatic cannon to fire lengths of two-by-four at a certain speed into the windows. An engineer of my acquaintance, suspecting that these standards were in fact superabundantly high, puckishly decided to point the cannon at the walls rather than the windows, and the two-by-fours of course blasted right through them. Standing in front of the plate glass may very well be the safest place to be in a commercial building during a hurricane.

Houston's over-buiding in flood plains however can be laid at the feet of our beloved Federal Gov't, however, in the wonderfully titled "How Washington made Harvey Worse,"

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