August 21, 2017

Another way to watch the solar eclipse

One way to observe today's solar eclipse hasn't been mentioned, much less laboriously detailed, by our media scribes. And you can do it indoors, in real-time or after the fact. Simply point your browser to Weather Underground's Wundermap and find a personal weather station that has a solar sensor readout. Not all PWS's have them, but mine does. As does this one in Salem, Oregon and this one in Casper, Wyoming, both of which are in the path of totality. (Mine is in the low 90-percent zone.)

After clicking a link, scroll down to the "Solar Radiation" plot.
The links are for live, real-time data. For future viewing, simply select the date "August 21 2017" at the top of the weather history section.


Oh, and because everyone's saying it... DON'T STARE AT THE SUN!
(Because nobody already knows that or something.)
Okay, I'll stop mocking - I just heard Ross Kaminsky say he knows a kid who is still partially blind in one eye from doing this.

UPDATE: Aaaand, it's over. [Click to enlarge]
Impressive reductions in radiated power and UV index by this near-total eclipse near Denver, Colorado (solar radiation dipped from 720 W/m^2 before to 47 W/m^2 during the eclipse) and a 4 degree F drop in ambient temperature, before rising again throughout the day.

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