August 21, 2017

1st Ammendment under fire

Finally, the "hate speech" movement is hitting its stride. The carpet bombing of news from a paltry protest in Charlottesville has made gone viral look like a runny nose. I went looking fairly hard to see how many white reprobates were able to gather after a country-wide call. A nearly vile article in the WSJ (Mike Rosen was right *sigh*; their reporting pages are quite liberal) that had to use supremacist, racist and I think even "hate" at least once each paragraph finally mentioned the tally of good-ole boys at several hundred. My FB feed was blind with hatred and disinformation for them, and especially (Surprise!) Trump.

I think the MSM is shirking in reporting this # of the white-boys for one of two possible reasons: 1. that's just not enough to drive the outrage theater the way they want to, or 2. Antifa/BLM/Anarchists outnumbered them. Both could be the case as well.

But to the title; this new purge of "Hate" groups that FB and Google have been inching towards for quite a while now may go pandemic, as noted here at PL, and is a grave threat I believe to the 1st Amendment rights of speech and association.

Am I being as histrionic as my liberal friends (Censure Trump! Putting up statues is akin to glorifying Goebbels!), or are others having some concern?

Technology democracy Posted by nanobrewer at August 21, 2017 12:14 AM

Oh, and meant to work this in somehow:

Google and Apple (combined 98 percent market share in mobile-phone operating systems), have banned Gab, an upstart Twitter competitor with a free-speech policy quaintly modeled on the First Amendment itself, from their app stores. Google cited “hate speech” as its reason for exclusion

Could City Journal be next?

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