August 8, 2017

l'Affaire Kaepernick

It's Sports. It's a Rant. I suspect I am plowing new ground...

Unlike Spike Lee, whom I admire unconditionally as a filmmaker, I've no problem with the soft demand for the services of one Colin Kaepernick. In fact the idea of his not getting a job in Miami because of his fondness for Ché Guevara T-Shirts makes me somewhat giddy. Consequences! 'Bout bloody time one of the limousine lefties pays for his sins.

Blog friend SC hates Jay Cutler in the way that Inigo Montoya hates the man who killed his father. He was stunned to see Cutler get the Dolphins' gig.

But I have what I hope might be an original thought. The unoriginal thought is that whole "1 - 10" thing. If you're going to be a pain in the ass, you can get a job in the NFL. But you had better be an uncontestable asset to winning football games. The possibly original thought is that this is why we don't see Tim Tebow starting for the Broncos this Thursday. And, indeed may be why the Broncos had little appetite for Mr. Kaepernick.

I liked Tebow. Even this old atheist fell for his aw shucks charms and his passion for his philosophy and beliefs. I even bought a gorram Jets t-shirt!

But one day, when things were not going so well, I saw an interview that bugged me. "At the end of the day," quoth #15. "It's not about football. What really matters is the platform it provides to do our ..." and I did not hear the rest of the sentence because some idiot was screaming at the TV. Some guy with glasses. And a beard.

Jesus told the tax collectors and soldiers to be good tax collectors and soldiers. That and "render unto Caesar" are my favorite parts of doctrine. And, I'm sorry Mister Tebow, but you are paid "a lot of simolians" for your football skills -- wherever they came from. That interview has never left my mind. Peyton Manning is either a pretty good bloke, or has the world's finest PR firm. I suspect him to be a caring individual. But he shows up early to view film -- not to advance his message, but to win.

I suspect at the end of the day, NFL coaches and GMs see that in young Mister K. It's too bad really, and I suspect his SJW girlfriend. But I do not think it's race. I do not think it has anything to do with supporting the troops. I think rather that people see a man lacking the focus to win a championship, even though he might possess the skills.

Rant Sports Posted by John Kranz at August 8, 2017 1:24 PM

Sports talk today had both Kapernick and Tebow starting at QB, despite their pain-in-the-ass-ness, if they were starting-caliber QBs. As backups, however, "don't let the door hit ya."

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