July 28, 2017

COEXIST! (Unless you think you're more oppressed than me)

What do you get when you award special status to a range of "victim" groups, such as women, racial minorities and religious minorities, and then convey additive special status for the "intersectionality" of multiples of these groups? European social psychologists have studied the situation and their published findings demonstrate something they call "competitive victimhood."

We propose that, in some societal circumstances, this competition bears on the recognition of past sufferings - rather than on their relative severity - fostering negative intergroup attitudes. Three studies are presented. (...) Overall, these studies provide evidence that struggle for victimhood recognition can foster intergroup conflict.

The paper was published in March but this week's Dailywire dot com article about it distills the essence:

The underpinnings of much the modern-day Oppression Olympics comes in the form of intersectionality, which argues that various forms of oppression against minority groups are interconnected. The intention was to create coalitions of people to understand where other people come from and how their experiences and their identity could help defeat The System. This creates various ghost-like figures, such as "The Patriarchy" or "the Zionists," who are responsible for the oppression of others. However, intersectionality has forced people of different backgrounds to compete as to who has been oppressed more and for others to get in line if their identity could possibly result in someone else's poor fortune.

At risk of oversimplification, allow me to try distilling it even further. Demanding special status and treatment, even to the point of actively discriminating against others, fosters resentment amongst others who earnestly play the same game. And what once were natural allies become distrustful and resentful of each other, while competing for the same spoils of alms. It's hard to see how this ends well for the SJWs.

To which I reply, "Intersect away."

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