June 30, 2017

Another Brave Man "Comes Out"

Jeffrey Tucker at FEE says the unthinkable, unmentionable, unspeakable: "Facebook is . . . kinda cool." Brave man -- I've endured heart-wrenching eye rolls for being far less effusive.

Read the whole thing, but here is an interesting side:

Another under-appreciated point: Facebook has taught people to take responsibility for their public personas. You have to curate what people see and not see, how you present yourself, what you want to see and what you do not want to see. This is your responsibility. No one can do it for you. Your mistakes are your own. Your successes are too. In this way, Facebook has taught a whole generation to be better managers of their own lives. Few experiences in history have been as great a classroom for the development of wise and disciplined public behavior.

It has also taught people to better manage their personal networks, and become wiser about navigating the undulating patterns of familiarity and unfamiliarity that characterize life in society. We've learned to extract cues from language, post timing, topic, and degrees of separation to discern just how close or far we want another person to our lives. It has taught us to be careful in what we show others, and crystallized a point we only vaguely knew before: we show different parts of ourselves to different sectors of our personal network. We speak differently to parents, pastors, coworkers, and drinking buddies. Yes this can be stressful; it is exactly the kind of stress that we need to become better friends, family members, and workers.

Technology Posted by John Kranz at June 30, 2017 9:45 AM

Curious: I quickly came to this conclusion, refusing to have FB as some sort of echo-chamber or surrogate for my BFF's not being Here-In-The-Now.

My pediatrician noted a different aspect of this 'public persona' with the emphasis on people's braggadocio and the all-too-real despondency this exposure can cause in the adolescent mind (she was awesome!)

I post very little about my kids, as central as they are, mainly b/c of FB's troubled legacy with privacy, and instead use FB as a musing board... tho' I must say it does occasionally let me catch up with distant friends.

As far as keeping up, I need to call more, not post more....

I don't think it's evil anymore, and Twitter has only be rehabilitated in my view b/c of IowaHawk's amazing tweets and Memes. So, I guess I can get on with all this...

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