May 14, 2017

Review Corner

Two strides took her to the door. She turned into the hallway and was gone . Some of the color and much of the life in the room followed her. The stones in the wall were once more merely stones, the books merely books. Even the fine tea lost some of its fragrance.
Full Disclosure: Michael C. Glaviano is a friend of mine. Yet the excellent reviews he has scored for his earlier works [Review Corner 1] | [Review Corner2] have been well earned. Thanks -- in large part -- to sweet prose like the introductory quote.

A Fragment of Nothing: The Place Between Worlds Part 2 picks up the story from his "The Locust Queen's Feast." The Locust Queen is dead, and young Reed has settled down in Soapstone, even proposing marriage to his girlfriend, Lena.

First, she wants to come see his world, so the band of four young heroes plan a transit to New Mexico. Red chilies and posolé await. But the smarter students up front have already surmised that the trip involves more excitement than the 25 bus across Albuquerque.

The interstices between chaos worlds and inner worlds are threatened, and the four young heroes have blossomed and become more proficient. Now travelling and learning on their own, their personal and professional development take interesting turns. And we meet some great new characters along the way.

Abbot Harold squinted into the distance. Beyond those jagged peaks, the borderlands merged into the Realms of Chaos. This world, like all others, touched the Great Hub. Even so, few of its denizens forgot the tenuous nature of Form and Substance. He'd lived a long time in this secluded valley. For most of that time, things had remained calm, predictable. Lately however... With a sigh of his own, the Abbot stretched and made ready for the day.

Glaviano holds a PhD in mathematical physics, and brings just enough of that into his prose and plotline to elevate the fantasy / multiverse genre. It's descriptive, surprising and incredibly well-paced. Five stars.

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