April 19, 2017

All Hail Freeman

In Venezuela, resisting the socialist government takes a bit more courage than simply knitting a hat. Ms. [Anastasia] O'Grady wrote on Monday:
So far this month pro-government militias or the police have allegedly killed three protesters in and around Barquisimeto, the capital city of Lara state. A demonstrator was fatally shot in Valencia--the third largest city in the country--and the governor of Carabobo state has admitted that the police were responsible. Another young protester was killed in a satellite city of Caracas, and an 87-year-old Caracas woman died when tear gas inundated her home.
Ms. O'Grady added that roving "bands of government-sponsored militias terrorize civil society."

But protesters seem increasingly unwilling to be intimidated. "It's time to stop being poor and hungry. I'm going to stay in the streets until we get rid of this government," 21-year-old graphic designer Rolisber Aguirre told the Associated Press last week.

Freeman is suggesting that Democratic leaders should be cautious about elevating Sen. Bernie Sanders's (El Jefé -- VT) position in the party.

But James Freeman needs to know my brother. My brother will wring his hands and roll his eyes and say "For the hundredth time, let me explain: Bernie wants Democratic Socialism."

I suppose the people in Hayek's "Road to Serfdom" never look like one's friends.

Don't Demand the Unearned Posted by John Kranz at April 19, 2017 5:51 PM

*ahem* "Chávez was elected to his first term as President of Venezuela with the largest percentage of the popular vote (56.2%) since 1983, when Jaime Lusinchi won with 58.4% of the vote."

And an ironic aside - "Initially weak in the polls, Chávez ran on an anti-corruption and anti-poverty platform, condemning the two major parties that had dominated Venezuelan politics since 1958; and began to gain ground in the polls after the previous front runners faded." (emphasis mine)

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