March 9, 2017

European Disunion

Widely regarded as a socialist nanny-state by mainstream America (certainly by we "TEA-Party wackos") the European Union has become displeasing enough to a plurality of Brits that they voted to leave the union. And there's a growing sense, back in the old country, that other nation states may "follow Britain's leader."

IBD has an editorial on it this month which predicts "A European single market" as the most likely of five proposed paths in a white paper prepared by the European Commission President.

The truth is, none of the 500 million people in 27 European countries that belong to the massively-indebted EU like being ruled by an unaccountable bureaucracy. It has become not merely oppressive, but actively dangerous, advising countries to do economically foolish things and letting masses of "refugees" from the Mideast and Northern Africa migrate to Europe - destroying communities, disrupting law and order, and creating a massive welfare state that requires ever-higher taxes to support.

This should sound familiar to frustrated Americans living in the red states and counties which dominate the map of the USA. Change the names and numbers slightly and it describes the situation that contributed to the election of a reality-TV billionaire as our president.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the EUs first centennial celebration - a growing number of EU member states are witnessing a rapid growth in the popularity of nationalism. (When I was a kid we called it "national pride" but I suppose that too was some sort of sin.)

There is a warning here for America:

Even so, the stagnant, dysfunctional EU is the same vision American progressives have for the U.S. - bureaucratized, undemocratic, heavy-handed and inefficient, soul-less socialism-lite.

The lesson is, Europe would be wise to dismantle the EU while it still has the chance, and the U.S. would be wise not to repeat the EU's failures.

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