March 1, 2017

Good Speech! A Few Quibbles...

After watching my Colorado Avalanche go down 0-4 to the Philadelphia Flyers (congrats, Keystone Staters!), President Trump's SOTU joint address to congress was a welcome change. It was a well-crafted and better delivered speech, superb in tone. And I suspect it highly effective for collecting any remaining true moderates (both of them liked it).

He won. But my wishes -- and those of the WSJ Ed Page for a softening on protectionist, economic isolationism were not realized. In a generally positive review, the lads and lassies from Dow point out:

Also striking are the President's contradictions on the wellsprings of economic growth. He understands that tax cuts and deregulation are essential to unleashing investment at home, but his capitalist instincts stop at the border. His invocation of the hoary old Lincoln quote about the virtues of "protective policy" couldn’t be less appropriate for the modern U.S. economy that needs global markets and world-class talent to succeed.

This is the "economic nationalism" promoted by his chief strategist Steve Bannon, and it is intended to show voters that Mr. Trump is on their side. But if it is ever put into practice it will undermine the rest of his growth agenda.

Not one to just whine, I bring multimedia reinforcements. This is the freedom-enhancing, global wealth producing trade he seeks to impede:

[More of these videos...]

But but but. Several high notes and a totality of tone and substance that was worthy of admiration. Well done, Mr. President. The same WSJ editorial closes:

Our guess is the speech won't do much to move Democrats in a polarized Washington. But perhaps it will reassure nervous Republicans who have wondered when he would focus on the hard task of governing. The speech puts him on firmer ground for that challenge.

UPDATE: And a quick All Hail Freeman.
He caught them off guard by delivering a big-hearted, moving and gracious address, but they seemed unable to react in real time. The pantsuit caucus and their equally grumpy male Democratic colleagues continued to sit, frown and offer tepid applause or none at all even for lines that would be objectionable to no one outside of ISIS.

Trump Revolution Posted by John Kranz at March 1, 2017 10:06 AM

I chuckled at the way Ross Kaminsky put it this morning. He said that last night, "Donald Trump truly became the president of the United States, notwithstanding the amusingly petulant refusal of Democrats to applaud throughout most of the evening."

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