February 26, 2017

The Laziest Locution in Journalism

Denver Post:

"Nobody should be sitting on the side of the highway, watching someone they love bleed out and be wondering, 'How are we going to pay for this?'" one of the speakers said.

Indeed not. We should have government cars that are 100% safe, so nobody bleeds at all.

What a remarkably inane statement. One commenter notes that you're likely dealing with car insurance if that happens and not Obamacare. My first thought was that bruta expenses are usually more related to chronic care and not trauma. Though the best exception is "who ever once though tha?"

Pro tip: if it begins with "nobody should..." Expect the rest to be total rubbish.

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The World According to DP Posted by John Kranz at February 26, 2017 5:19 PM

"Nobody should" read the Denver Post.

Posted by: johngalt at February 26, 2017 8:04 PM

Hahahahaha. I was wrong.

Posted by: Jk at February 26, 2017 8:51 PM | What do you think? [2]