February 9, 2017

"A Big, Beautiful, Aesthetic Perimeter on our Southern Border"

That's what President Trump and his popular movement really want for the USA. Calling it a "wall" is far too gauche. Donald should take a cue from the Deputy Mayor of Paris. Yes, France.

Paris is spending 20 million euros ($22 million) to build a protective barrier around the Eiffel Tower to replace temporary structures that were put up after a series of terror attacks.

"Sadly, the risk of terrorism hasn't gone away," deputy mayor Jean-Franšois Martins said at a Paris press conference. "It's not a wall, it's an aesthetic perimeter."

Martins wouldnĺt confirm a report in Thursday's Le Parisien newspaper that a clear glass structure would be built around the tower's esplanade. The form the new structure takes will depend on solutions proposed in response to the city's call for tenders, he said.

After yesterday's possibly "fake news" contretemps I think I owe Bloomberg dot com an apology, since that's where I found this full-blown favorable write-up of controlling the movement of the free people of the world. With nary a mention of infringement of rights!

Tourists will be free to enter the area after a security check, with payment required only to go up the Tower itself.

Martins said he didn't think the sight of yet another security measure in Paris -- where fully armed soldiers on patrol has become a common sight -- will deter tourists. "What scares tourists is lack of security, not security," he said.

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