January 22, 2017



Iím a libertarian. Iíve been surrounded by people who donít agree with me for as long as I can remember and it has never occurred to me to isolate myself from everyone because of our political differences. Certainly not to assault them. Nor am I filled with anxiety by the thought that people who work in my home might have different political views than mine. To me, youíre all a bunch of fascists. But Iíve somehow learned to live with you.
watching people unravel over this election has been instructive. The - yes, Iím going to say it - bigotry of many on the left, in their caricaturing of Trump supporters, has never before been so blatant. Nor has the jaw-dropping, mass-hypnosis level of selective partisan-driven outrage. I understand that a lot of people are worried, upset, even frightened over the prospect of a Trump presidency. Good. They should be. But they should have been worried eight years ago, or at the very least, four years ago.

He goes on to mark the low points of the last 8 years, especially the end of the 4th Ammendment

Did I mention he - and all future presidents - now has the legal right to kill anyone on the planet, including American citizens, with no conviction, no charges, no semblance of due process at all. Did I mention that?
- Bretigne Shaffer

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I tripped over that somewhere as well -- cannot remember where. Thanks for posting.

I have vowed not to question my pussy-hatted friends about their big march yesterday. It brought them much joy. But, high on the list of "**** I don't understand" is "...and everything was just fine for you until 1/20/2017?"

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