January 10, 2017

My Real Problem with Meryl Streep's Speech

Bill McGurn at the WSJ Ed Page nails it:

Say this about her contribution that night: Would anyone even be talking about the Golden Globes today if she hadnít used the occasion to go after Mr. Trump?

I usually find I can completely ignore award shows. I can scroll past stories and friends' posts on Facebook and go about my business. No, l'Affaire Streep is all-consuming.

I broke down and watched her speech. It's generic, low-level Hollywood pabulum. Because she is the grand Doyenne, it sounds wiser. And most of the people in the room really wanted to hear it. So I will grudgingly accept the left's reaction.

I think "the Right" and most definitely P-E Trump would have done much better to engage in a good eye-roll and then move on. But at least McGurn's "translation" is amusing.

The problem for Mr. Obama is that Ms. Streep managed to step on many of the themes the president might be expected to hit in his last big presidential speech Tuesday, right down to a snarky reference to foreign birth certificates. Here are some of the lines Ms. Streep delivered, followed by a short interpretation of what she really means:

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