December 20, 2016

Told You So, Sec. Clinton!

Old joke: Brakes fail on a car coming down a perilous mountain. Car is full of engineers, so each uses his/her ability to save the car: thermo, aero, mechanical... When they arrive safely at the bottom, the software engineer breaks his silence and says "let's roll it back up the hill and try it again with higher air pressure!"

I'm a software guy. And we do get the luxury of changing initial premises and re-running things, hundreds of times if necessary.

Reading scores of "Why Clinton Lost" and "Why Trump Won" articles, I notice an important omission. Had Sec. Clinton listened to me and chosen Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper as her VP, they would be measuring curtains and picking cabinet officers today.

Senator Kaine was the worst VP pick at least since Thomas Eagleton. He brings the swing state of Virginia, okay, and might assuage some #berniebros. But he was just one more old, White, oleaginous career politician with whiffs of scandal -- something of a Hillary-Lite. Gov. Pence, conversely, was a great compliment to Trump: serious, equanimous, and well schooled in legislative process. And yet not enough of an insider to undercut the brand.

Now, our Democratic Guv is not totally beloved 'round these parts (even though he provided a thoughtful blurb for my book), but he would have been a great asset to the campaign. Firstly, he would not have performed sooooo incredibly miserably in the debate. They say VP debates don't count, but they might want to reassess after this year.

Secondly, he has a gift for straddling party divides. He's a Geologist by training and careful to preserve the energy sector that is important to his state and its tax base. And yet, he manages without completely aggravating the greens. He could have wowed the progressives with the horrid "achievements" made in the Democrat years, but still provided enough of a moderate face to keep some of the Wisconsin/Pennsylvania/Michigan Democrats in line.

Can't control Director Comey or Putin -- but she could have picked a better VP and won.

2016 Colorado Rant Posted by John Kranz at December 20, 2016 12:33 PM

One of many failings of the Clinton campaign for which we may give thanks. I'm just glad she isn't likeable.

Posted by: johngalt at December 22, 2016 5:45 PM

I think the "WHY AREN'T I AHEAD BY FIFTY POINTS YOU MIGHT ASK!!!????" may go down as the best campaign commercial for all time. Not the response, just the in-your-face awfulness.

Posted by: jk at December 22, 2016 6:33 PM | What do you think? [2]